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Hunters aren't born. Tragedy brings them.

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Hunters. Highly individualized, standoffish, suspicious. Oddballs with a wild look in their eye. Loners who know too much about evil. Freaks. Generalists and specialists, articulate and mute. Shield and sword together, protecting what they cannot have.

No one is born a hunter. Tragedy brings them. A lost child, a lost spouse, a lost parent, perhaps even a lost town. The loss changes them, and the scales fall from their eyes until they see the monsters, the ones that the rest of the world pretends aren't there, in our closets or under our beds.

Armed and dangerous.
Disclaimer: This is a work of original fiction, using characters and setting from the CW’s “Supernatural.” This collaborative project is intended as fair use and no infringement is directed at the show or its creators and owners. We encourage similar acts of creative transformation with the additional worldbuilding and/or characters we have created, with a request that both the original source (the television show Supernatural) and this supplementary source (Monacoverse) are referenced. And we’d love a link, just to see who else thinks this is a fun idea.
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